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Exec OrangeTalk about tie-ing’ one on, Dreamweavers’ Executive Rugs Line is constructed of material leftover after making men’s neckties. Bits of silk and polyester fabric are cut and sewn by hand, filled with a poly filling then pieced together. The rug is promoted as stain-resistant, colorfast and 100% machine washable. This creative application suits a variety discriminating tastes.


Loro Piana | "One Step To Heavin" 100% Cashmere CarpetingOne Step To Heaven is the product moniker and the experiential feeling derived from squishing your toes in the world’s first 100 percent cashmere carpeting from the celebrated Italian luxury goods nameplate of Loro Piana. For six generations the family owned company has supplied the finest cashmere and wool fabrics to become the largest manufacturer and single biggest purchaser of the world’s finest wools. For the last twenty years the Loro Piana brothers, Pier Luigi and Sergio, have incorporated their luxurious fabrics in exclusive lines for men, women and children and now bring their creative bounty to home furnishings in the form of carpeting for homes, yachts and private jets.

Loro Piana | "One Step To Heavin" 100% Cashmere CarpetingPriced at $178 per square foot, the carpet–produced from the soft underbelly of the Hyrcus goat–is available in three standard earth tones, though it can be customized to match any color scheme. Loro Piana has opened a showroom in New York’s D&D Building to showcase their Interiors Collection, which comprises more than 30 luxury fabrics including vicuña, silk, angora and cashmere. The showroom is open to designers and private clients.