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iContact Designs VISION STATEMENT Award winning iContact Designs, Inc. has established a national reputation for infusing artistic and creative passions in the zealous pursuit of interior design that will dramatically enhance your living environment, enrich your personal experience and add appreciably to your greatest investment: your home. Conceiving and executing interiorscapes that both challenge convention and invite a comforting interaction is a key characteristic of our work. Another testament to our ardor is a keen ability to listen and translate what we hear into what you see. Encouraging a fun, team-like participation with our clients during the design process is paramount to our methodology. A home speaks volumes about its owner. Each room another chapter revealing more about the people who reside within. iContact Designs is ready to help you write the next chapter in your own book of dreams.


iContact Designs will help you define your living spaces to creatively and effectively convey your personal aesthetic with an eye on enhancing functionality. Our extensive custom services offer many options: including collaborating with your builder and/or architect on new home construction from conception to completion, to renovating an existing residence with a complete makeover. We can also update individual rooms integrating your existing furnishings or transform a single barren room or outdoor living space into your own personal dream retreat.

Susan MurphyAt iContact Designs you will be collaborating directly with the owners and principal design team of Susan Murphy and William Pilipchuk. Drawing upon 20-plus years of combined experience, we are dedicated to working with you to achieve your interior design goals with a creative focus and methodical precision from start to finish.William Pilipchuk In addition, we offer significant savings on an extraordinary array of uncommon furniture and accessories to create a distinctive look that’s tailored to express your personality and preferences. We look forward to your call and the opportunity to be of service.

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