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Xradio Disc 2 Cocktail Table

This ultra hip cocktail table had our heads spinning the moment we laid eyes on it in the latest edition of Interior Design Magazine. Cutting-edge jean maker Diesel collaborates with Italian Furniture Maker Moroso for their new line Successful Living, a brand extension at Moroso. The furniture company’s art director, Patrizia Moroso, and the fashion label’s creative director, Wilbert Das, developed the 14 items together.

Four of them—an armchair, a side chair, a side table, and a cocktail table—are grouped under the name Overdyed. That means their ash surfaces are first hand-painted with a rag technique; then the color is wiped away to produce a worn effect, sort of like stonewashing for wood. But don’t get too chilled out. As in Diesel’s edgy ads, the Rock grouping’s six pieces reference underground music and art. For the Xradio 2 Disc cocktail table, a digital print of an x-rayed DJ console is applied to glass. We give Diesel’s initial effort a 10: it’s got a great beat and it’s easy to dance to! Check out the video teaser:


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