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Tivoli Tower of Babel-Milan 2009Tivoli Audio is our favorite sound source for decor areas that need incredible sound, stunning design, tier-one engineering in a compact footprint. We specify Tivoli Audio for many of our clients on a regular basis to great satisfaction.

Tivoli’s peerless products fit neatly at bedside, kitchens, dens, libraries and the like. We couldn’t help but marvel at their creative efforts to merge art, technnology and design and the most recent Mil

Demonstrating innovation at its best, the latest NetWorks design line was unveiled during the Milan Design Week expo in beautifully constructed wood finishes and artistic fashion colors that create living art into home decorating form and function. To further demonstrate the museum quality of the Tivoli Audio brand, a “Tower of Babel” was constructed in the SuperStudioPiù designer space, born under the concept of a “Temporary Museum for New Design,” a main attraction at the Milan furniture expo.

Conceived by the well-known Italian designer Ilaria Marelli in collaboration with Tom DeVesto, the tower in a 16.4 foot high installation, is reminiscent of the ancient Biblical city in which an enormous tower was constructed and people spoke in a multitude of tongues. The sculptural piece makes use of a vast collection of Tivoli Audio radios interspersed with its newest NetWorks Global Audio Systems performing in languages from around the world playing in real time. 

This video shows the construction of the “Tower of Babel” from Tivoli Audio in Milan, Italy. Take a short moment to watch the space transformation…amazing!


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