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Gentry Armchair | Designed by Mathew Williams for UttermostOur fabulous Uttermost representative, Michelle Postma, gave us the heads-up on Uttermost’s new 2009 line showcasing hand-painted, rich Indonesia wood and expanded multi-functional upholstered pieces! This collection is getting raves and we can see why.

Shown here is the new Gentry Armchair designed by Mathew Williams, head designer for the accent furniture category who joined Uttermost in 2007 after making his mark at Maitland-Smith. The Gentry Armchair features a lush collage of deep browns, with textures in supple faux leather, suede velvet, and damask jacquard. Hardwood feet are stained dark espresso. 

Other standouts in the collection include the Anya round table, the Rishi three-drawer chest and the Karnsa wine server. Upholstered accent furniture, such as storage ottomans, chairs and benches, are also rigiht on target. Great job Uttermost!


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