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Fumetto Series Rug | "Crash"Our penchant for whimsy knows no bounds. No more evident than in some of the more inspiring spring rug collections like this creative, comic book cut-up from Stile BK. Based in Italy, rug designer Behrouz Kolahi borrowed from the Italian word for comic to create the “Fumetto” series. The rugs come in six duotone patterns in a style inspired by the art of Roy Lichtenstein and are sold in a limited edition of 50. Hand-woven in Nepal using knotted fleece on a cotton warp, and trimmed in a Tibetan-spun, hand knotted wool and aloe. The rugs can also be custom made in virtually any size and shape.

And check out these animal kingdom inspired rugs from Eelko Moorer. They are intended to lie on the floor orEelko Moorer | "Bearskin" hang on the wall and measure roughly  70 inches long by 61 inches wide. The six week labor intensive process starts with a clay sculpture from which a silicone mold is made. The urethane rugs come in almost any custom color, noting lighter colors will yellow from exposure to air and UV rays.


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